bernie walsh drawon

bernie walsh drawon

Friday, February 8, 2013

Samsung ATIV smart pc sketchbook pro test

Well I thought the Samsung galaxy tablet was the answers to my portable sketching using sketchbook mobile but after purchasing the updated slate...the Samsung ATIV smart pc it allowed me to sketch with my favourite sketching program Autodesk sketchbook pro. Thanks to Josh at JB hi fi for setting us up with the correct and more powerful unit and running windows 8 that would run Sketchbook pro 6 Designer and Autodesk 3 D programs we bought not one but two Samsungs. The note runs on Android so layers and image size is reduced but the slate is a pc so with more grunt it is like one of my studio computers running a Cintiq or Dtu.These little beauties come with a detachable keyboard which folds up and turns it into a cool notebook  a Wacom S pen and unlike the galaxy note its USB 3 and HDMI equipped so I can plug a portable hard drive in and basically go anywhere and sketch and design to my hearts content. It inspired me so much I was able to go outside and sketch something I have not done in a long time ......some boatsheds which I used to be famous for...thanks Ethan.....Any way I was very impressed with the pen and the surface of the tablet for sketching. The tablet by its self is a little bit heavier than the note but the extra width of 11.6 cm is very handy for wide format sketching or just room for your lagoons, the HD screen is great and I found the colour profile as good as my  Wacom Cintiqs. I didn't get my sketch finished but here is what I managed ENJOY.

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