bernie walsh drawon

bernie walsh drawon

Saturday, February 23, 2013


One the best nomneclature designs I have seen for a long time is the new stingray badge on the new corvette  and it's great to see they have used the original stingray name. So as most of you know we have sold the farm and are off to China,  So as I was moving some stuff into our friends garage on their farm we had to roll this old thing out first and to my surprise it was an original 74 corvette stingray

Friday, February 22, 2013

Flashbay business cards

With all this new technology I thought what can I find that is different for my business cards. So how cool I found this company that made all sorts of flash drives so last night I took delivery of some business cards that looked like plastic credit cards that had my details and imagery,but were equipped with a flip out 4 GB usb key that I could load different digital folios and introductory information in different languages..... so perfect for my stint in China. Thanks James from Flashbay for some great service.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First post

Thought I would introduce my first grandson Cody Walsh to blogging so I posted this on my Samsung smart pc

Country Roadside Art

   Saw this the other night driving back to the farm, and thought it was so cool and creative.  It was on the side of the road in the long grass.  All lit up like tiny fairy lights in different colours. At first I thought it was glow worms or alien bugs!! When I investigated I found that some very creative person had stuck tiny reflective tapes to the grass stalks.

Samsung smart pc tablet Bernie Walsh Industry demo

The latest developments in tablet technology for industrial design were on show at a demonstration by MADA Monash Art Design and Architecture lecturer Bernie Walsh to key Victorian industry professionals. The use of the Samsung Smart PC and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets will feature in the delivery of the Master of Industrial Design program due to commence on March 4th in Suzhou China.

MADA Monash Art Design and Architecture lecturer Bernie Walsh demonstrates the Samsung Smart PC and Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to industrial design industry professionals.

Program Director Ian Wong was particularly keen to seek feedback from industry leaders on the potential of the new devices for the practice of industrial design. "The Master of Industrial Design program units have been developed to provide students with the latest industry practice and technology, and the feedback today was very valuable' said Ian Wong 'Digital freehand sketching in meetings is for the first time enabled with the combination of portability and pen technology in these new devices'

Bernie Walsh sketch demo on the Samsung Smart PC tablet

Samsung Smart PC 700T1C-A02
       Samsung Smart PC 700T1C-A02

The program based in Suzhou China will also feature engagement with Victorian industry through the application of tools like Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Facetime. Facetime was used to allow industry professionals unable to attend the forum in person to join in from their studios across Melbourne. 'Industrial design programs have always engaged directly with the profession and tools like facetime will allow studios across Victoria to work directly with students in Suzhou' said Ian Wong.

The latest 3D printing technology, wikis, blogs and Wacom Cintiq tablets as well as applications like QQ will also feature in the delivery of the new program.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A bit of a worry

The bush fire that had started the afternoon of our sketching was well under way when I returned from taking Etham back to Melbourne the fire front was much larger an heading towards our mountain

Samsung open air sketching

I invited Ethan Wang from the Monash University in China up to our farm in the high country to see a bit of Australia and having some time to do some outdoor sketching with the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 and the new Samsung smart pc tablet .The results were excellent and proved with this new technology you can work anywhere even on a mountain.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Samsung ATIV smart pc sketchbook pro test

Well I thought the Samsung galaxy tablet was the answers to my portable sketching using sketchbook mobile but after purchasing the updated slate...the Samsung ATIV smart pc it allowed me to sketch with my favourite sketching program Autodesk sketchbook pro. Thanks to Josh at JB hi fi for setting us up with the correct and more powerful unit and running windows 8 that would run Sketchbook pro 6 Designer and Autodesk 3 D programs we bought not one but two Samsungs. The note runs on Android so layers and image size is reduced but the slate is a pc so with more grunt it is like one of my studio computers running a Cintiq or Dtu.These little beauties come with a detachable keyboard which folds up and turns it into a cool notebook  a Wacom S pen and unlike the galaxy note its USB 3 and HDMI equipped so I can plug a portable hard drive in and basically go anywhere and sketch and design to my hearts content. It inspired me so much I was able to go outside and sketch something I have not done in a long time ......some boatsheds which I used to be famous for...thanks Ethan.....Any way I was very impressed with the pen and the surface of the tablet for sketching. The tablet by its self is a little bit heavier than the note but the extra width of 11.6 cm is very handy for wide format sketching or just room for your lagoons, the HD screen is great and I found the colour profile as good as my  Wacom Cintiqs. I didn't get my sketch finished but here is what I managed ENJOY.