bernie walsh drawon

bernie walsh drawon

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let there be SOUND

Today my life changed thanks to Dirk de Moore- Audiologist from the Bendigo Hearing Clinic when he placed these tiny things in my ears. I didn’t know the indicators on my car actually made a clicking sound, I will also need to buy an oil can….. didn’t know the world was full of so many squeaking things.

I went to see Dirk after my wife Ree made an appointment…I didn’t realise my hearing was so bad.

So now I’m the proud owner of 2 Phonak Audeo Q70’s So to test them out we went to a noisy Italian restaurant for lunch, and as well as noticing the toilet door needed oil I heard what the young lady down the back ordered for lunch!

Phonak is a world-leading Swiss based manufacturing company that has now released its latest sound processing platform, Quest. Quest offers improved real time transmission between the hearing aids using Binaural VoiceStream Technology®, which other than just sounding smart, will make speech clear and distinct in noisy places, via features like Auto StereoZoom and Speech in Wind noise, better than they have achieved before. 

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