bernie walsh drawon

bernie walsh drawon

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Art of Drawing

Over the last day or so I have been using the new Wacom Bamboo Feel on my Samsung Smart pc and Galaxy note instead of the supplied S pen which also runs Wacom technology.

Obviously it felt more like a real pen it had thickness to hold a bit more ergonomics and most important weight that I could balance over my first finger, it was smooth on the tablet surface and seemed to have a lot more sensitivity giving me a more Cintiq drawing experience. Not that the supplied S pen was no good ( I do like the way they are stored in the back of the tablets making them very compact to travel with ) but It did make me think that with all this digital drawing I’m doing every day I really do miss my old pens pencils and brushes to draw and paint with, even my old airbrushes were very well balanced and the length of a new Eagle Prismacolor pencil was a pleasure to use as I would balance it between my first finger and thumb.

So the Bamboo was very well made comes in different colours even a carbon fibre version but it was just a pen  even the new Cintiq pens are a bit normal and when you think when I use them on the different screens they can be a pencil, paintbrush, marker or airbrush . So wouldn’t it be a good exercise to design digital pens that are more like our old artists tools with the weight length and balance and be a bit creative with them so using my new Bamboo I did some speed concept sketches on my Samsung tablet. For reference I dug out some of my old paint brushes and some old traditional Chinese long handled brushes, my favourite Japanese long shaft sketching ball point and an original Prismacolor pencil and the new Wacom 13HD pen which has a beautiful carry case.

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